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Left: The accelerator spire.

The Accelerator Spire is a huge tower located at the old spawn. Its original intent was unknown; merely a large pillar that the Slicers arrived at when escaping from the old world. For most of the Third Age, this spire was where players spawned after death. A water drop lied in the middle of the platform, dropping players into an underground pyramid below that housed the usual features of our spawn, portals, the bank, and some basic info about generators.

In the days leading up to the Battle of the Spire, Cryptite was able to deduce some knowledge about the spire by fiddling with some of the gold blocks that could be found at the bottom of the four blades that consisted of the main spire. It became understood that the spire acted as some sort of an accelerator. An accelerator to what, however, is to this day unknown. What was known was that the spire possessed incredible power capabilities and began to slowly draw power, actually terraforming the desert around it.

In conjunction with a full planetary alignment of Loka's solar system, Preksak arrived to attempt to activate the spire. Knowing that Preksak meant to sabotage the spire, Cryptite intervened to attempt to thwart Preksak's plan. Failing to do so would have meant the complete annihilation of Loka. During the battle, Cryptite lunged at Preksak just as he was preparing to activate the spire and knocked Preksak off of the tower, triggering an unforeseen short-out that ended up in an intense exposion that blew away most of the spire and much of the top of the pyramid on the surface.

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A cave-in in the underground area of the old spawn pyramid.

All that remains now is an empty husk of the spire's original form with some of the power conductors still leaking lava onto the land below. The emerald blocks that froze the players in place during the battle still remain. 

After Effects

For months after the destruction of the spire, the odd terraforming of the desert, that at first brought rain to the parched area, intensified. Over that period of time, grass, trees, and pools of water have cropped up around spire and the pyramid.