A protective suit used by a member of the ASA.


When Varasid became a member of Asgard during the events of Preksaks return and the Battle of the Spire, he created a lab for himself beneath a small hill on the outskirts of town. In it he studied the outbreak of ecological activity that broke out following Preksaks defeat in a specially made biological wing. While this research bore little fruit, it did give rise to a return to scientific experimentation for a number of Asgardians, namely Epicbacon99 and Artagan.

Months later, when the Obelisk appeared on Loka and began to spread what would soon afterward be known as the Blight, the Asgardian scientists who had been studying the previously mentioned biological phenomenon rose to the challenge of finding a cure. Cryptite aided them by collecting a potent sample of Blight from near the Obelisk, but forbade them from experimenting with it within Asgard, for fear of corrupting it.

Needing a new home base from which to combat the Blight, the ASA turned to the mysterious underwater city of Oceanus, owned by the Ent Mtndome. As a creature of nature, Mtndome had been particularly affected by the ecological ramifications of the Blight, and so was more than willing to shelter the scientists in their quest to find a cure.

Currently, the ASA is busy constructing a proper lab on the ocean floor beneath Oceanus, and is calling for any and all Lokians to aid them.

Current members