After you complete the Tutorial upon your first log-in, you will spawn in a busy area surrounded by a whole host of NPCs, players, sounds, and buildings. Arguably the most important building - and the one we will be focusing on right now - is just to the right of the Boros NPC near the walls of signs.

Javaw 2018-08-02 14-48-05

Boros is the lad on the left. The building we want is on the right!

Javaw 2018-08-02 14-48-21

There's more to this room than meets the eye... we'll get back to it later.

Alright, so you've walked into the building. Congrats, you're a big strong Lokan now! To meet up with your bigger, stronger Lokan friends in your Town, you'll need to walk into that white portal seen in the image above. Note that you'll have to be added to the Town first (ask your Town leaders to invite you, and accept the invite via chat)!