Beheading is a feature on loka where there is a chance a players head will pop-off when they are killed by another player. There is only a small chance of this occurring when a player is killed, but when the beheading does take place, the deceased will drop their head on the ground where any player may pick it up.

Player heads may be placed on the ground, on a shelf or wall, similar to decorative blocks, as a decorative piece or something to display. Player heads may also be worn on the head of any player.

A player head, once beheaded, will act like any other minecraft object on the ground and will vanish after five minutes.

Balak Buff Tile

On the conquest island of Balak, there is a tile that contains the buff of "a 2x chance of beheading your enemy on your continent." This means that if this tile is owned by a town or alliance, the town and alliance will receive double the chance of beheading of their specific continent.

Facts About Beheading

  • The chance of a behead is 5%.
  • A beheading will only occur when a player is tagged by another player.