Capital City







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The abandoned remains of Capital.


Capital City was a town situated right on the border of the old spawn area. It was built to attract the attention of new members joining the server and included a "newb" starter pack for every player that joined. It suffered terrible griefing in its early days due to the location, so Nouvellune and Zor95 defended the city from griefers and robbers until computern obtained protection. Once the generator was up, two walls were quickly built and the land further developed. Gates were later built that could only be opened and closed from the inside to further increase the city's defence.

A parliament building was built, representing all prominent members of the city.

This town is very close to old spawn. It is connected to the Spawn Road .

This town was the site of the beginning of the War of the Third Age.


Some facilities that were in Capital City included two generators, shops, farms, animal pens, mines, and a storage center.

Notable Events

The Fall of Capital City