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Computern's 3rd town after Capital and Central. Located near Helrune Century is a large eye sore from the outside because of its large outer wall.  It is set out in layers with the Home Castle in the Center. Century worships the great pig in the sky after Central.


  • 4 Grinders - two man made grinders, and 2 double spawner grinders. (Skelli + Zombie)
  • Outer wall fully obsidian lip with back wall fully obsidian
  • Large Beacon
  • All Farms
  • Gaming Hub. (parkour, spleef, wrestling ect...)
  • Obsidian farm
  • Tree Farm
  • Underground Arena (refurbished). With glass Viewing area.
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    Century Arena

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    Obsidian farm

  • Beach
  • Theatre
  • Club
  • Police Station
  • Cafe
  • Parliment
  • Nether & Town Portal
    Century Sky Tower

    Century Sky Tower

  • Auto (bud) wheat farms.
  • Info Center - Notices, members and rules.
  • Connected to world rail.
  • Parks.
  • Council Building 
  • Animal Farms (bar mooshrooms)
  • Church - Worship the Great Pig in the Sky
  • Sky Tower - Complete with Cafe and Sky Jump. Tallest structure in Century.

Current Members:

Computern - High Priest (Sentry)

Artagan - Priest (Slicer)

Capminecraft9 - Peasent (Slicer)

Spyro210 -Worshipper (Settler)

Huckled - Priest (Settler)

Zs6737 - Peasent (Settler)


Celebs in the Century Parliment