Near the end of the Church Town Era, unsettling occurrences were happening. The strong, beautiful town of Church Town was under constant threat of griefers, who tried their best to cause chaos and destruction to the city. In an attempt to stop this, the Church Town government formed an alliance with several other towns protected by the Artifact:

The Church Town Alliance.


  • Aspertia City, headed off by le French
  • Fight Arena, headed off by 'Muricans
  • Petalburg Town, headed off by the Swedes
  • Safari Zone, headed off by the Japanese Samuuuuuuuuurais
  • Church Town, headed off by the Jolly Ol' Brits

The Beginning of the End

King Mop B. III of Church Town invited the leaders of the four towns into the Guardian Tower. He started off the meeting simply,

"Debts be paid! You were all newbs here once; now the taxman cometh!"

The leaders refused.


The leaders accepted.

They would form ranks just outside of Church Town, each army facing their adjacent town; Aspertia to the Northeast, Fight Arena to the Northwest, Petalburg to the Southeast, and Safari Zone to the Southwest. This way, if their towns were under attack, that could easily run back to defend them.

The First Siege

Sgt. DeFrance was watching for any sign of activity, occassionally glancing back at his town. For a bit, they thought it was a hoax; Aspertian forces almost walked out immediately. Until, of course, Sgt. DeFrance was shot in the chest with 20 arrows, killing him immediately.

The reaction was swift; message of the attackers spread to all the squads defending Church Town. The battle was a bloody battle. At the end, the griefers were driven off. The soldiers started to cheer, until a scream came from one of the Aspertian soldiers:

"Excusez-moi! Our village, it be, 'ow you say, burning!" All the Aspertian soldiers panicked, and rushed to Aspertia City.

And that day, Aspertia fell.