Part of the Second Era

Church Town's Era is a period of time from the beginning of Church Town's construction to its downfall and beginning of Hyrule's Era.


  1. Church Town's construction began.
  2. The awakening of the Third Guardian Gallazius at the beginning of the era.
  3. A rail system between Church Town and Gaia's Lament was built.
  4. Church town was slowly built up and many citizens were recruited.
  5. Syris71 beguiles the Old One Asymptonic into making him a guardian before his eventual betrayal and then discovery as a hacker is made clear. The four guardians ban his town of hackers and Gallazius bans Syris71 himself after he is stripped of his powers and station.
  6. The Guardian's tower appears in the sky nearby Church town via a team of hackers. Mopb3, Gallazius, and Magpieman ban the troupe and claim the structure as the base of operations for the Guardians.
  7. A proper goverment was established and many towns join Church Town to form Church Town's Alliance.
  8. Magpieman is found to be the fourth Guardian.

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