Dragostei was founded by Ivette_Aramis (hyhu), idkJohn (IdkKhev), CrewSoulReaper, and AyeeJordan, who were townies of FKA. The town was born when Crew was kicked out of FKA due to a planned prank, and Ivette saw an opportunity to build the town she had originally wanted to when she first joined Loka. The original Dragostei Dintei's formulated a plan to find a perfect location for Dragostei, transfer the entire contents of Ivette's and idkJohn's vault at FKA before Psy caught on to kick them from the town and absorb their wealth, TNT the place the home they worked hard to build (with Crypt's consent, and later on foiled by Crypt), and start up the gen to protect their transfered vault. Using their alts and a lot of their free time, the original Dragostei Dintei's carried out the plan without a hitch, and Dragostei was reborn. Today the Aztec town prospers, it is a town that strays from Nordic themes with a unique government system. The future of Dragostei, aside from thriving, will always remain cloud of mystery, due to Ivette changing her mind and the town's plans on a whim. As the town is still quite new, no one knows what to expect from it, and what friendships or dangers may come of it.

2014-07-20 09.35.09

A view of the farm central of the town.

Founders: Ivette_Aramis (hyhu), idkJohn (IdkKhev), CrewSoulReaper, and AyeeJordan

Theme: Aztec/tropical

Hobbies: Raiding, PvPing, Building, Merchants, Thriving

Religions: The Leaf; Aukok