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Dragostei Dintei was a town founded by hyhu, IdkKhev, CrewSoulReaper, Zanduh, and 10becja. All of these players came from the same server, and most of them were looking for a new place to call home. Dragostei was originally planned out to be a Aztec town in a jungle biome (linked are some temples and buildings built in creative mode for the town) but when a jungle was not found after tedious vast exploration, the Dragostei Dintei's settled down in a stunning stone beach they encountered during the exploration. Due to the stone beach not being a jungle however, the plans for an Aztec town were scratched, and the town theme was changed to Nordic. Soon after the generator was built, Zanduh and 10becja went back to the other server and continued doing their mod duties. IdkKhev went on vacation, which left hyhu and CrewSoulReaper to build the town. While construction of the tiny town was going underway, hyhu befriended Pardalus. Pardalus extended an invitation to tour and to join FKA. Due to the hard work that came from only 2 players building a town and defenses, hyhu accepted and FKA absorbed Dragostei Dintei. Here is a long album of the rise and fall of Dragostei Dintei . After deciding to join the FKA, the town was TNT'd. After CrewSoulReaper was kicked out of FKA, the original Dragostei Dintei's decided to reboot Dragostei, and it's original plans.