Draynor Village







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Draynor Village is a small desert village sorrounded by a cactus wall to protect against against mobs. It used to be a testificate village, all of whom eventually died due to the harsh conditions of their environment.

Eventually (around April, 2012) it was found by puf45, who tried to rescue them. puf45 then decided to stay in the village and named it Draynor after the village in Runescape. He then began construction of the cacti wall and town lighting. Two days later, andrekeroxd joined the server and puf45 invited him to his village. Together they finished fortifications and build more buildings, a pig farm, chicken farm, and automatic wheat farm. Unfortunately , puf45 was later discovered to be x-raying by Zor95 and exiled (banned) from Loka.

andrekeroxd continued to live in Draynor and build a skeleton experience farm. Due to the fact that the land had been almost stripped of all resources by puf45, andrekeroxd seeked for refuge somewhere else and eventually was invited to join Pallet City.

During the 2-3 months that followed, Draynor was used by daruks to farm exp and as a safe haven for new people on the server. i.e. LanceHero, th2fuzzy, Hylian_Moonwalk, etc, Unfortunately the cactus walls could not defende against griefers and has been attacked a couple of times. It's coordinates will be given if asked to andrekeroxd.