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Overground entrance at night.

Gaia's Lament - was an underground city founded by Mopb3, Ornom0n, Toiongo, Carlucas and Spunkiethefirst.


After leaving unnamed village, many villagers were searching for a new place to call home. People thought that it should be hidden from others, considering what happened to their previous settlement. After wandering for quite a long time, a forest on hills was found, in which the city was later built. Through originally founded by Mopb3's and Ornom0n, the main part of it was built together by arrived players from camp village. The town was named Gaia's Lament and gone deep underground, to the bedrock layer. It had a lot of levels, which included: entrance level, living level, farm level, grinder level and mine level, which was the deepest one. Citizens were gathering resources, hunting and living a life out of dangerous wilderness, far away from the spawn zone.

Church Town Era

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Underground entrance, which was beginning of the rail system.

One day, two of them, Toiongo and Mopb3, have decided to make a camp overground, which has later grew up to be Church Town. A rail system was built to connect two towns. Even after Church Town began to grow bigger than Gaia's Lament, the underground city was still in use up until the end of the Church Town Era.