This tower was built by Gallazius and mopb3 to server as a meeting place for the four original Guardians of the time; Diabolicalmech, mopb3, Gallazius, and Magpieman. The particular spot it was built on was chosen partly due to its closeness to the centre of the server at that time, Church Town, and also due to a mysterious rapid construction of the tower by Hackers. The Guardians thought it fitting that such a thing should be converted into the Guardians meeting place.

Gallazius and mopb3 soon finished the tower and eventually finished it within the next world transfer. Like many other of mopb3's buildings, though this was the first of its kind, it blotted out the sun, making sure that mobs spawned underneath, protecting the tower from any potential enemies. The tower served many times on the old world, serving as was expected of it as a meeting tower for the Guardians in the servers many times of need, being a symbolic meeting room for conventions for important discussions of events happening in the world where guardians would convene.