2012-09-09 16.29.40

Haven's former door.

2012-09-09 16.35.13

The view from the Great Haven Mountain to Haven City.

2012-09-09 16.35.20

A look of some of the city's taller buildings.

Haven City
is a small city south of spawn. It was founded by Newdood where he nicknamed it "The Cove" which was one of mopb3s and Adderman500s first place of residence. It is in a few different biomes.

It has? walls, which are made with love, and extending around its entire perimeter, with ramparts for added defence. Other architectural points worth mentioning are Fort Autumn, donated by mopb3 and renovated by the town citizens,as well as a grand house nearby. Another point worth mentioning is the new lighthouse, which stands high on the coast with a shining beacon on top, lit by "Mopb3 serving as a lightning rod".

It lies on the Cathedral City - Spawn road, perhaps the grandest of the settlements to have sprung up on this lifeline, useful for its easy access to the spawn.

Haven has received a lot of support from other powers, partcularly Cathedral citizens, because of Haven's positioning on the road from there. Adderman500 and Thelineguy have been prominent in building the walls, while Memrme and Zor95 provided a lot of the cobble to do this with. Mopb3 built the lighthouse, as shown above.

Central City maintains an Embassy south of the city.

Haven City had a minor conflict which lasted around 2 days with Cathedral City, due to the owners of each being "Bored". Cathedral was raided twice by Haven citizens, though not many treasures being brought back by the Haven raiding parties. Haven suffered less raids, but they came in the form of full-frontal assaults, killing all citizens except for Newdood who wisely stayed away from the attacking Cathedral citizens. Haven surrendered to Cathedral after being threatened by mopb3 to summon Toiongo, and have him wreak havoc upon the city, and so a peace treaty was declared.

The town has now changed hands in ownership to adderman500, Newdood having moved on to make another.