Helrune was a major town on the second world, last run by Baroness Lucifer09, who rebuilt the city after Central was abandoned. It is the Sister City of Century, run by Computern, and runs on a rail line to Century, since the two cities are very close.

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Town Square

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Prepared for Halloween


Helrune was originally a newb town founded by Sir Harlum. It invited in many new players, and thus, it was under constant attack by thieves and pirates. It, however, managed to survive, until Capital City was built next to it by a former resident of Helrune, computern, approximately 200 blocks closer to spawn than Helrune. Capital, inviting many new players, soon eclipsed Helrune, causing it to fall into major neglect by the owners. Harlum soon gave Computern, the owner of Capital City, control over Helrune.

When the first shots of war were fired at the start of the War of the Third Age, Bigpizza the VIII took out the gen of Helrune and it was out of commission. After his former city was destroyed, Harlum, the original owner, and several of the prominent members, abandoned the city. It was later used as a blackmail tool by the Alliance during the first part of the war, but soon want for the city was given up, and attempts by King Zor the VC to repair it were quickly abandoned. It was later given to Luci by Zor, and she later rebuilt alongside Computernites.

Under the rule of the Baroness, Helrune entered its golden age, with many new members joining, and the town's architecture flourishing. Luci's skill in building soon made the city renowned for its style and beauty.

Sadly, a few weeks later, the active population of Helrune began to decline. The owner Lucifer09 left the town, instead seeking refuge in Hidden Caverns alongside her husband, Zor95, and princess JocelynReed, leaving its stewardship to the computernite Leasaur. Soon after, the town fell prey to raiding and thievery, and the town was completely abandoned. However, the walls of Helrune and the buildings within stood tall until the last days of the Second World, remaining a source of inspiration to aspiring architects and travelers.


The population of Helrune is exclusively female, with Century being the male equivalent.

Notable members of Helrune include:

  • Lucifer09 - Baroness

    An early image of the original Helrune.

  • Leasaur
  • Skyleia
  • Rhynestone
  • jumpybean


Little is known about the religion of Helrune - there is no church, but the "Shrine of the Pumpkin" has been built, suggesting that they may worship pumpkins. The religion of Helrune has been refered to as "Pumpkist", but any other information is unknown


As stated earlier, Helrune is somewhat obsessed with pumpkins, and rumours of Lucifer's "Halloween Project" have been going around for some time. Come the end of October, some strange new decoration may arise in the small city, but only time will tell.