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Queen Scoot

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Princess Jocelyn

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Court yard of Hidden Caverns


Due to a recent name change, this town is now know as "Hollow Crevice"

Early Beginnings

Hidden Caverns is a third gen town. The founders of Hidden Caverns are 13scooter13, JocelynReed and Zachflash. It started of as a little foxhole in the ground that would protect us in the night. Which in turn Scoot decided to turn her skin into the Fox and have her den as Hidden Caverns. Loloplane would randomly come to visit every once and state how the house was too small, which only encourged the town founders to built grander rooms. In exactly three days Hidden Caverns became a generator protected town.

Fast forward three weeks later and we became a awesome town with the mooshroom we worship. Around that time Zachflash had to leave us due to his x-raying. From then on Scoot and Joce were by themselves to keep up a town. But they became hard workers and built a amazing town together! Now they have 13 members and still going strong.

Hidden Caverns was eventually left in flaming ruin as Zor95 and several others with the agreement of the town created a Wither within the city.


Hidden Caverns is a town which worships the beloved Mooshroom. The Mooshroom gods have blessed the town greatly and the town honors their gifts. Killing of a mooshroom on Hidden Caverns property will result in removal from the town and death to member.

Hidden Caverns Boasts:

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Snow Spleef Arena

  • A minecart station that connects to the world rail
  • 2 Skeleton Grinders, 3 Zombie Ginder, 1 double cave spider grinder
  • 7 undeveloped spawners
  • 5 enchanting stations
  • 1 potion lab, 1 witches tower
  • A large protective wall 
  • An Ice Spleef Arena & Outdoor Leaf Arena
  • Shopping area
  • Mooshroom house of prayer
  • Museum
  • Nether Portal Hub
    2012-10-08 02.48.53

    HC's nether hub

  • Automatic harvesters (a lot)
  • Easy access to spawn
  • Town Portal
  • Large gen protected area
  • Rainbow Sheep
  • Temple of Worship
  • Hidden Caverns Rank system
  • Large town hall/ information center
  • Gardens
  • Protected Bidomes (Desert, Swamp, Snow, Plains, Forest)
  • Several Tree farms
  • extensive mining system
  • Wishing well
  • Large statue
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View from the sky house

2012-07-24 22.16.55

Mooshroom :3