On December 2, 2012, the Artifact which currently resided in the Accelerator Spire malfunctioned and opened a knife in an unknown location. The results were disastrous and the Accelerator Spire was destroyed. Witnesseses describe the ceiling of the pyramid chamber crumbling as gravel and debris fell down. The bank area was sealed and explosions in the foundations opened forth a rift which flooded the World Rail with lava.


A tower among the hills.

The Spire and its pyramid were quickly abandoned as citizens of Loka ran for their lives. A few fled to the mountains where Asymptonic was said to have settled and found something surprising. There amid the hills was a new structure which resembled something built by those of old. It was a massive tower of iron and at the very top sat the Artifact. Cryptite , the chosen guardian of Asgard , determined that this ancient tower must have been placed as a result of the malfunction.

It is still unknown why the Artifact malfunctioned and where the tower came from, but the citizens of Loka have inhabited it and now use it as a spawn .