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Half moon rising over the foundation of the Lotus Blossom Temple

From the bubbling waters of Delanascow rises the foundation of something beautiful to come. A humble servant of the lands, MrAlchemy, crafted its polished surfaces with great care. Alone, hidden from the world it crosses the bridge between heaven and earth. Its construction heralded the coming of something that even it's patient builder could not comprehend, but he knew it would happen, and he had been chosen to take some part in it. The symbols that surround each of the four cardinal directions pose a warning to those who may wish to harm or poison the pure energies of the Temple: "Toxic/Deadly". It is an old symbol used in the many alchemic texts that litter MrAlchemy's bookshelves.

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A warning from the Dark Lord Endgam as the seed was placed on its pedestal.

Visions of a seed, a beautiful spinning lotus petal twisted and twirled in MrAlchemy's mind as he dreamt each night. After countless omens occurring before his eyes deep within the lush jungles that stretch far into the horizon MrAlchemy stumbled upon a great and mighty seed. With great diligence and care he moved the bewildering seed through the forest and to the temple. To his amazement when he returned a pedestal had erected itself, it's might walls calling for MrAlchemy to place the seed on top. Just as he placed the seed a great evil arrived, the Dark Lord Endgam. His mighty and terror filled voice flooded the empty Temple walls, "YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!" came bubbling up from the depths of the very underworld and through that demons coarse lips. MrAlchemy stood frightened and in shock from such a visitation. Lightning crashed down upon the poor man rendering him unconscious, his mind drifting quickly into the darkness. Evil visions of an all encompassing war filled MrAlchemy with dread as the dark powers of Endgam swirled and twisted around his very soul. And then...
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The seed sprouts!

The mighty seed sprouted! It's energies sent shockwaves of light and pure goodness in all directions! The very land of Loka shook and trembled, the Dark Lord Endgam was immediately vaporized in the brilliant explosion of positive energies. A warm blanket of kindness and happiness slowly and gently fell upon the land. MrAlchemy awoke to find himself alive, his soul aflame with purpose and humility. He knew it was his life’s mission to care for and nurture this place, this seed, and this energy......

Princess Jocelyn

Princess Jocelyn. Mr. Alchemy's wife.