2012-09-21 21.58.04

The Ultimate and Romantic NPC Place

2012-09-21 21.40.33

Peeeorfleees Little Room

2012-09-21 21.39.44

The Entrance

2012-09-21 21.40.12

Memrme3s Village Mine

2012-09-21 21.28.00

This is Memrme3s Villa

The Village

Memrme3s Village is a village created by Memrme3 in its beginning.The Current Members are Peeeorfleee and the Creator himself.Those two want to make the Village big and comfortable.It is only accesable from *trustable* or *close* Friends of Memrme3.

The Ultimate NPC Spawner

Made by Memrme3 the Spawner spawns thousand of NPCs show in the Picture.