Mythia was a town built on a small island by former Asgardians MinecraftJedi127, godemox, Haloreach0367, and Rocky_3308, with help from their allies from the very start, Der Riese. Halo orginally wanted Jedi to leave Asgard with him, for they are real life friends, and Halo, unlike Jedi, didn't like peace and grew away from the Asgardian ways. Jedi decided they would build a town, and godemox, another friend of Jedi's wanted to join too. Rocky wanted to live in the same town as Gode, so she moved there as well.

Jedi had told her friend Defgnww about their plans for Mythia, and before the island was even found, Mythia and Der Riese became allies. A small group was sent to find were Mythia would live, which consisted of Artagan, Leasaur, Jedi, Halo, and a few others. All but Lea and Art died or logged off, and later Def and Pardalus found the island, and soon Mythia would be built.


On the Island, the Mythians built a Dragon Temple in which the town portal was located, a small farm, a few houses, guest houses, a mine, and a dock.
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The Dragon Temple

Mythia's Fall

Most towns end with a raid. Mythia did too, but because of a raid on another town. Mythia fell to a raid on Der Riese.

Jedi was just enjoying Mythia. She had invited MUMILLE to come visit, and was waiting for her to arrive. Psychedelic98 told her Der Riese was being raided by Andrekeroxd and hip736, and told her to go there and help Psy save it because she was the only one on at the time that had perms. Jedi at first didn't believe him, but when Lea logged on and was killed by hip, she ran there to help. She set her home there so if she was killed, she could return quickly.She died, but had to log off. Next day, she couldn't return, and could not get back to Mythia either. 

The Mythians now live elseware.

Rocky got ownership of Mythia and planned to rebuild it in the new world. She is inactive right now, however.

Jedi returned to Asgard, happy to be truely home.

Gode returned home to Asgard as well. 

Halo lost intrest, and is rarly here anymore.