At first, the world was inhabited by only the normal farm animals and deathly mobs of Minecraft, the Mythic Era. But a group of curious explorers, researchers attempting to harvest power, crossed into this universe by ripping a hole in the fabric of realities using special devices: Knives. These explorers were only exploring new worlds, using the properties of this tool, but this world was like no other, leaving them trapped in this world, with the mysterious Artifact.

This was the first era.

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Asymptonic's Story

High atop the peaks of the Three Sisters, the artifact was found.

The first slicers to visit this world were surprised. When they popped into normal space in the world it was night. As expected, the undead walked about, but were almost powerless against the explorers.

After a day and nights climb, they reached the summit of the tallest of the sisters and found it, a strange glowing configuration of what seemed to be powerful stones. Upon touching the artifact, they felt a curious tingling that quickly left their bodies.

Could this be the object protecting them? That was their theory, and they were nearly correct.

As the explorers pushed beyond the three sisters, they found they weren't ghosts at all beyond the mountains. Night fell again, and they were not so lucky. Faced with the reality of dangerous creatures beyond the mountains, they attempted again to slip between space and time back to their own world but found they were stuck. Could the artifact be holding them there? Was this a prison of some sort?

They'd need to survive first before searching for those answers... and a way out. Days and nights spent in the relative safety of the mountains brewed distrust among the survivors. Reasonable men at first, now they became paranoid and edgy. Which of the others would kill them first! One by one they struck out into the wilderness to meet their fate or build their strength.