March 27th, 2018

Founded by:

jibblypop, Sparky, and NightaChan






The Covenant

Nassau is a town located in the Sunset Isles of Ascalon. The town was formed as a result of jibblypop, Sparky, and NightaChan deciding to leave Valinor. Currently, much is still being built within the town. However, the town hosts a few buildings already, namely a Brewery and an Event Area. It is split into two main parts: First, an underground section where the living quarters are and second, the surface area, where the bulk of the town is. The main theme of Nassau is a tropical village.

Nassau is currently in control of the Sunset Isles.

Early History

Founded on March 27th, 2018, Nassau quickly leveled and joined the Elysian Pact. A natural decision for some of the original founders of the alliance. A short time later Nassau would come to control the Sunset Isles, after an attack by Zorros on Guacland neutralized control of the Isles. A few days later Guacland died and Nassau inherited control of the Isles through claiming a large portion of the island the town resides on.

During this time, life in Nassau was quite stable. Plans were quickly developed for walls, which were promptly built and completed within the span of a week. At the same time a trench was dug around the sides of the town, separating the town from the island it resides on. These would later be filled with water to form canals on opposite sides of the town, effectively creating an island. Similarly, a connection to the Ascalon hyperrail was quickly made and plans from Nassau for a grander extension of the hyperrail system from there were made.

2018-04-12 00.10.43

Early Nassau with finished walls, farm in view

Once construction on basic industries and amenities were completed, Nassau attracted the attention of OtakuBookWorm, seeking a locale to host her wedding with MtnDew98. It was her decision to hold the wedding in Nassau that prompted an explosion within the construction sector. In preparation for the wedding an event area was custom built for the wedding known as Nassau Park, in addition to the brewery, Holy Site of the Great Pond, new roads, gates, and a small docking area for boats. It was during this time that the first half of the northern canal was completed as well. Finally, a massive landscaping effort was undertaken with more than a few trees being grown, melons being spread, and wildlife flocking to the town.

2018-08-28 19.38.17

Nassau Park