New Aero at night

New Aero was a child of the city Rivendell. It began when Indred_cold fled Rivendell to escape those who perused him for the slaying of Spunkiethefirst. It consisted of a small brick house and massive floating windmill which Indred built and lived in by himself. Several small projects such as a record collector are scattered around the grounds as well and though far better machines are possible today, it was advanced for the day.

Due to the declared warfare with all of those who aided in the raiding of his stronghold base, New Aero was under constant attack. Nouvellune and Zor95 were the most involved and spent two weeks attempting to kill Indred and gain entry to his hosue and vault. Eventually entrance was gained to the house where they discovered a hidden entrance to the generator room and used TNT to destroy it. A day later protection dropped and every item was stolen. Indred did not attempt to repair the damages and never returned to Loka.

Rivendell and New Aero both remain relatively free of griefing and are two of the most aethestically pleasing areas on Loka.