Surrounded by huge walls of snow and obsidian, Pallet City is a town built in a Taiga biome, directly outside of Fort Ember. It was built so residents could live near Fort Ember and be able to compete there, but it has now become a sovereign entity. Pallet accepts most Wanderers, but is somewhat exclusive due to security risks. The town mayor is Nouvellune along with the other founder, Gudbrandr.

Since the creation of a giant chicken statue/farm, Pallet began to rise in popularity due to its massive production and market for eggs. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and it has officially been declared a disaster zone by the community of Loka due to the thousands of chickens that invade the town every day. This is very ironic due to the fact that the town worships squid.

The town's flag is a white and orange, devil ram, on a field of ice, representing the flame within palleteers' hearts. It was designed by Nouvellune, the owner of Pallet city. The town even has it's own anthem, composed by andrekeroxd. (lyrics in andrekeroxd's book).

Not long ago, Fort Ember's vaults, where palleteers keep their most priced possesions, were ransacked by midgamerx a, now former, Pallet resident.

He asked Zor95 for building permissions to edit his vault, but took this time to raid Su1cid4l and andrekeroxd's vault. Zor's diamond stash was not found, and Palleteers will be reimbursed for their losses. The total amount stolen was approximately 14 thousand credits. (in diamond, gold and iron). It was later confirmed that Midgamerx was Artagan, known to have a vendetta against Pallet, who was playing on the account.

Su1cid4l was found to have been x-raying, therefore was banned from the server. A monument for him was made by Nouvellune to commemorate his stay in Loka and Pallet. Su1's house was occupied by Drixian, Preksak's son on the condition that he does not attack, or rob any Pallet members in any way.

Pallet was destroyed on the March 2nd, 2013. The legacy left behind by it shall forever leave marks on the server.

2013-02-18 12.29.17

The Effects of Pallet

  • Generators may not be destroyed anymore.
  • TNT cannons are generally frowned-upon
  • Repeated killings are banned
  • Spawn camping is banned
  • Exposed x-rayers in Computernites' ranks were banned
  • All rules regarding warfare and thievery are now set for the next inevitable war