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Paradise City, with a glimpse of the SkyCrawler overhead.

Paradise City - was a town founded by Iskeze, Nouvellune, and AIRC15. It was, at first, an unprotected, griefed, abandoned town that was previously home of mopb3, andyyou(Thelineguy playing on his friend's account), TLUL, and various other people who have left the server. It was repaired by the three founders. It was open to the public, but it failed due to one of the owners has had difficulty recruiting people due to connection issues. The beautiful space ship above it was the SkyCrawler, a flying version of the Tatooine, land-bound SandCrawler. It was blown up before Preksak could successfully destroy the Old World.

A replica of Paradise City was built on Loka, used for housing PvP events.


  • Epicbacon99 (Knight)
  • Menamister (Citizen)
  • Nouvellune (Founder)