Not to be confused with Paradise City , Paradisio was officially founded in February 2012, though the occupants had been living there since early December 2011. Ingramallstar09 was the town owner, but Bobet123, who was later banned, discovered the island. The eight most active members are: Ingramallstar09, Antoniosmeucci32, KpatK360, BenBro15, Natescott15, Lmcdonald, Ramblerplayer, and Bravebeau. Most of the town members are new to Minecraft. The only experinced members are ingramallstar09, Kpatk360, BenBro15, and Antoniosmeucci32.

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The vast majority of the citizens of Paradisio attended the same school and come summer of 2012, had to return the computers they had borrowed and played Minecraft on. As a result, the city became vacant and Asymptonic agreed to temporarily remove it to protect it from griefing. A snow biome replaced the land on which Paradisio stood.

Many months later when a few members of the town were able to return it was replaced in a remote location and a  new generator was set up. Unfortunately these members could not stay and the city remains vacant.

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