2012-08-12 18.00.14

The top of the structure that appeared above the Nether Reactor Room.

On the night of August 12th, a plan by Preksak to annihilate the entirety of Loka was successfully thwarted by the citizens of Loka. The events unfolded quickly, but a recap of the events lies below.

The night of the event was a particularly tense one as the citizens of Haven were under attack by members of Cathedral . Either on purpose or by lucky coincidence, Preksak arrived and headed to the Nether.

2012-08-12 18.02.31

The Nether Reactor Hallway

According to chat logs, Preksak was heard claming to have found an "Instability" in the Nether. Asgard, whose history with Preksak is apparently closely intertwined detected Preksak's presence in the Nether shortly before his plan had been set in motion. Thanks to its neutrality in the greater conflicts of Loka, Cryptite, the elder of Asgard , unoccupied by the fighting, headed to the Nether and found a structure had appeared near the old Nether spawn tower.

Knowing Preksak's history and usual ways, Cryptite called upon the Gods of Asgard to assist in this conflict, warping all of the currently available citizens in Loka; temporarily halting the wars and concentrating their strength on Preksak. The citizens descended into the structure and pursued Preksak down a long hallway to a strange room with a single crate of dynamite at the end of it. Preksak was above it in an observation room, shielded from the volleys of arrows being fired at him.

2012-08-12 18.04.37

The detonation of the Nether

Just as they reached Preksak, the dynamite exploded, setting off a large chain reaction that detonated the nether. The server went offline, and when players rejoined, the nether they were used to had disappeared and reset. Loka, however, survived the blast and the plan was successfully thwarted. Finally a crash of lightning and screaming was heard, and Preksak was gone; for now.