Rivendell at its finest.


The town of Rivendell was founded by smallgod and was one of the first settlements on one of the newest worlds of Loka. It featured several farms and apartments, a massive tree, and a floating tower which could only be accessed by swimming up a water stream. One of the more notable members, Indred_Cold, supplied large quantities of mossy cobblestone and brick which was used to build the roads and structures.

The Guardian Gallazius took residence here for a short period of time. and helped construct/grow the great tree.


Unfortunately the town was very short lived, largely due to its habit of making enemies. Smallgod, against instruction, took several items important to the citizens of Loka. One of these items was a map created by Zor95 who used a Knockback II sword and the assistance of another player to launch himself inside the tower and retrieve the items. When smallgod discovered what had happened he stopped feeding his generator and abandoned the town. Indred Cold then killed the beloved Spunkiethefirst while receiving help from him which sparked an attack on Rivendell and forced the remaining members to scatter. Not finding him there, a manhunt began and was led by Nouvellune, Zor95, Numbedshot, and Gallazius. Eventually he was located in a stronghold, slain, then raided. The four left but not before Zor95 and rigged a brilliant tnt countdown device to the furnace that would be activated once the coal ran out.

From there Indred Cold returned to Rivendell to collect what scraps he could and then moved to his home a short walk away. A generator was set up called New_Aero and he declared war on those who had attacked him but little came of the now ruined town.

Rivendell remains abandoned, but preserved.