Below is a list of our rules. Note that admins do not necessarily judge these rules to the letter, and that attempting to skirt the rules may still end up in a punishment. Some of these rules are left intentionally vague, others can be clearly defined. In any case, consider these a set of guidelines rather than a set-in-stone list of precise rulings. These should be up to date here, but in case they are not the official rules list can be found on our forums here

1. No Griefing

1.1. Don't destroy anything a player has built unless a rule states otherwise.

1.2. You may break a players building to gain entry, providing minimum damage is caused.

1.3. Don't cause unnecessary damage to the landscape.

1.4. Don't unnecessarily destroy, craft or consume other players items. You may steal but don't destroy chests and leave items to disappear or burn the items. Once the items are back at your home they are yours and you can do as you wish with them.

1.5. Don't destroy another players redstone.

1.6. No one by one block towers unless you remove them immediately after use.

1.7. Don't destroy other players crops or farmland, except for wheat which can be trampled for the wheat.

1.8. Don't kill or release other players animals or villagers.

1.9. The following placed blocks may be stolen regardless of whether they make up part of a structure or a beacon: Iron blocks, gold blocks, lapis blocks, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, all ore blocks (except Coal Blocks), end stone, enchanting tables, anvils, brewing stands, juke box, rails, item frames, and the items inside them. Also ender chests providing you break with silk touch pick and don't destroy it. (However ender chests may be broken on a battleground) 

1.10. Don't change what people have written on signs or remove them.

1.11. Don't place inordinate amounts of blocks all over a build.

1.12. No TNT Cannons or TnT-based entry.

1.13. No Piston-based entry (poking holes in walls).

2. No Client Side Mods

2.1. The exception here is Optifine, which is just fine.

2.2. Mini-maps cannot be used.

3. No Xray Textures

3.1. No texture packs that make any block transparent that is not transparent in the default pack.

4. Don't Abuse Bugs

4.1. Don't abuse any bug, whether it be a bug with the game minecraft or a feature of the server, please report any bug found to the forums so it can be fixed.

4.2. No block jumping in protected areas.

4.3. Do not log out to avoid damage or to access floors above you. (Don't log jump)

4.4. Don't use vehicles to pass through walls.

4.5. Don't abuse transparent blocks/ TNT to Xray.

5. No Spamming Chat

5.1. Don't spam capitals.

5.2. Don't repeat the same thing more than once.

5.3. Don't claim to be from planet minecraft.

5.4. Do not spam public chat with arguments.

5.5. Don't spam chat with death messages.

5.6. Don't spam players via private message.

5.7. Don't spam chat with log in messages.

6. No Swearing or Offensive Behaviour

6.1. Don't use any words in public chat that could be seen as offensive, as all ages play on the server.

6.2. No racist comments or any other kind of discrimination.

6.3. Do not purposefully agitate or disrupt the community by means of Trolling, harassment, or sarcasm

-The admin team is well versed in Trolling, so don't push it. We know what Trolling is and we will not tolerate it. You can expect a nearly zero tolerance policy on this.

6.4. Don't send offensive private messages.

6.5. No offensive skins.

6.6. No offensive builds.

7. No Advertising Other Servers

7.1. Don't ask other players to join a server or write a server ip in public chat.

8. Respect Admins

8.1. Don't ask an admin for a teleport.

8.2. Don't ask an admin to spawn in items, they can't spawn items, all players play legit.

9. Don't Bully Other Players 

9.1. Don't repeatedly kill the same person.

9.2. Don't camp in a town or around docks.

9.3 Don't steal from players at spawn.

10. Do Not Lag The Server

10.1. Don't try and blow up too much TNT at the same time.

10.2. Any lag machines/redstone contraptions or overlay large concentrations of animals/mobs may be removed if found.

11. Don't PvP Log

11.1. Don't log out in an attempt to avoid PvP (either fleeing or to avoid an incoming fight) or prematurely terminate a fight in progress.

12. Don't Block Nether Portals

12.1. Leave at least a gap of one block when blocking nether portals to prevent players getting stuck and not being able to /suicide.

13. Alt Accounts

13.1. You may use alt accounts however they cannot be used to get on the perms another town by pretending to be someone else.

13.2. If you have been banned from the server you cannot use an alt account to play on it again.

13.3. You are responsible for the actions of anyone who plays on your account. If they grief on your account, your account will be banned, whether you yourself did the griefing.

13.4. Use of alts for PvP win trading is forbidden.

13.5. You may not make a town with alts.

13.6. You can only officially represent 1 town in T Gen fights. You can't use alts in multiple towns for T Gen fights. You can't use more than 1 account at the same T Gen fight.

13.7. You cannot use alts to gain an advantage in World PvP.

14. Horses

14.1. Only horses being ridden or used in PvP or raiding can be killed and stolen.

14.2. Otherwise, horses that are not named can be stolen at any time.

15. Don't Betray Your Town

15.1. You cannot steal from your own town.

15.2. You cannot assist in, nor attempt to convince someone to let you into a town so as to steal, murder members, etc.

15.3. Dragon eggs belong to their owner. If you place your Dragon Egg in your town and decide to leave said town, you may take your egg with you.

15.4. You cannot return to a town you have left for 2 weeks to raid or pvp.

16. Misc

16.1. Auto-kill Iron Golem and Pig Zombie farms are illegal and may be completely removed if left as auto-farms.

17. Admins (Guardians and above)

17.1 Admins are allowed to participate in pvp and conflicts, but not raiding. They are not allowed to use any admin powers in any of these circumstances.

17.2 Admins are allowed to /tphere members of their own town inside of their own towns, but nowhere else.

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