Sand Villa is a settlement or small town founded in secret by mopb3, DiabolicalMech and Loloplane. It is known to be the second official town on the server. It was later improved by Gallazius before his (out of character) promotion to as to third guardian.


Many consider this as the start of controlled civilisation on the server, as it was completely protected, by sandstone and cacti walls, a complete glass roof and numerous homes for the citizens. However, an unknown event happened, where the sea floor between it and the underground farm was destroyed, flooding the farm and giving access to the Villa. To this date, it is still unknown who did this and how, as the Villa was believed to be protected. It is believed by some that a sudden increase in the membership without careful background checks brought this "Indestructable" villa to its eventual abandonment. The guardian Gallazius eventually took possession of the Villa himself and used it as a vault and Haven for himself as he was its last remaining member and main builder.