Lost, first age city

Skylance was a town based in the sky, where a group of explorers stumbled across a floating island and decided to build upon it.

Skylance is a town that had over 20 citizens, 10 regulars, and over 30 visitors. The town was prosperous, had beautiful statues, shops, and a giant tree. It eventually fell to thieves and soon enough, all chests were empty and people started to move out and create their own bases. 

Prominent Citizens

Many travellers and members of the server passed through this small town, but some of the more prominent members were mopb3, epicbacon, adderman500, coolster13, shadowslayer and Janiking. It even saw the briefest of returns from Ornom0n, but after building the best house in the town and a huge sugar cane farm he quickly left.


The city was founded by Nouvellune and mopb3. Shortly after the founding and swift expansion, Nouvellune decided he did not want to work with the city, and wanted to focus on his own. While the city expanded, Nouvellune watched over Skylance, and disliked how it was being run. Friends of mopb3 being picked as leaders rather than prominent citizens, refusal to add protection to Skylance, and the overall attitude towards other towns. Nouvellune allied with Zor 95, and they made quick work of the town, silently stealing anything they could fit into their inventories.

After the citizens vacated, the town sat abandoned. However, on Thanksgiving of 2011, Mop and several of his allies wanted to empty the "Skylance Vaults", something that had never been discovered. They emptied it, and through several bumblings and failures by Nouvellune, he made it to them and managed to steal some of the valuables they had.

Due to its death, it was abandoned and wasn't saved during the Old World's explosion.