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Being Rebuilt(?)


Stallingrad was one of the first cities in Loka within the third era, built in the desert a little more then 1000 blocks away from spawn. The leader of Stallingrad was Pwned916. The City was founded by Pwned916, Mr_Psychic78, and EnvyForMe.


EpicBacon99 - Leader

Jifjif - Citizen 

AIRC15 - General

Defgnww - Commisar 

Toiongo - Second in command (Comrade #2)


Stallingrad was home to many different kinds if guilds, both secret, or well known.

Guilds are groups that people can do to take part on quests or adventures. Guilds are also very secretive and Highly reliant on trust. Guilds are outside Pwned's field of control and thus guilds can do whatever they wish with their members.

Miners Guild

Miners guild, essentially go around exploring caves and minig resources. They spend most of the time underground, and sell various ores on the market. Its is currently run by Prissy who takes members exploring ravines and abandonned mineshafts. Any valuables they find, they split accordingly amongst themselves.

Assassins Guild

Assassins carry out various tasks on request, they are noble killers/ tactians. but in order to put a number on someones head, people who are asking for contracts must have a valid reason in order for the contract to be considered. It was owned by EpicBacon99.

Death of the city

For reasons still unclear, Pwned916 covered his generator in obsidian and left Stallingrad to die. Unfortunately few of his members realized what had happened so their items were lost to the lockdown that quickly followed. Once the generator died, what little remained was picked off by raiders and the once proud city was torn apart by griefers. 


Many months after the fall of Stallingrad a movement began on Loka to rebuild and revive old cities. Stallingrad was one of the first chosen and several players volunteered to head the effort. Psychedelic98 was chosen and for a few months he labored to fix what he could, but since he never lived in the city he could not make much progress. 

As of now Epicbacon99, an old citizen of Stallingrad, owns the generator and heads the efforts for the revival.