When Lazuli73 decided to start a town in the new world, a few people joined her. First off there was MinecraftJedi127. Then godemox and Leasaur joined. Later followed by computern. They found a location, but due to the fact it that it was quickly discovered. The hesitantly decided to move. When the new Town site was ready, and generator activated. All prepared most hastely. For they knew what their town would most be known for. Horses.


Lazuli's plan for her town was to be located in a plains biome and breed horses. Talongon has already started preparing for this, and with many horses so far, with more spawning near, their furture as breeders looks bright. Their first batch of horses were stolen. Then their second was taken as well. But when they gathered a third, they started breeding.


Name Rank
Lazuli73 Owner
MinecraftJedi127 Peacemaker
Computern *To be given soon*
godemox Chef
Leasaur Chonicler
Jenna7854 Cookies_
Chubbles Fashionista
Cesar_J_Franco Knight

Every member has a rank and a horse that belongs to them. Everyone has a talent and something they bring to the town.

Talongon's fall and Dellsmite's rise

 Talongon was slowly slipping. In the month when the had only one active member, they lost control. Thankfully, when everyone returned, they said farewell to Talongon, and serached far and wide, until they found the perfect place to build their new home, Dellsmite.