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The first known Artifact

The Artifact is a mysterious object which held slicers inside this reality and protects the spawn region of the Three Sisters.

Already here before anyone discovered this world, the Artifact holds this plane stable.  

Loka History

Long gone, the Artifact is presumed destroyed in the blast created by Preksak's bomb, along with the rest of the old world. Although as its power was and still is without equal, it is accepted by many that it may well have survived the attack...

The Mysterious Artifact in the Third Age (Deactivated)

Somewhat related to the artifact, the Mysterious Artifact (Now deactivated) is the centerpiece of the Hyrulian library. Not many are sure what it's purpose was, but it once served one Prek as the Guardian Gallazius had long studied the artifact itself and had made another unintentionally. This eventually lead to the famed "duel of Thunder between the two powerful beings with Gallazius being ultimately outmatched.

The Artifact in the Fourth Age

There is not much knowledge when it comes to the full nature of the Artifact. Time and again, the mythical piece never ceases to amaze. The residents of the current world were caught by surprise when the device (a loosely used term) sprang to life in the Fourth Age upon being prodded by Cryptite using his esteemed sword, Laeveteinn.

The Artifact became a centerpiece for the transition to safety following the spread of the Blight. Despite the uncertainty and instablity of the Artifact over the ages, the denizens of Loka put faith in their efforts to power the device. This resulted in a rift, a break in dimensions. By using the most common ore in their world, Lokans successfully transitioned to a new world. This was the dawning of an age with no name

The Nameless Age

For a time, the population of Loka was very dormant. Everyone was uncertain of what to even call this new world, but wherever they called home, they called Loka. The Artifact was unstable and nothing felt permanent. Everyone knew there was going to be another shift. It was a feeling that everyone could feel down to their very core. This period though, was a dark and grim time. Some people were never seen for months on end. The Nameless Age was ended, however, by another dimensional fold. This time, it was more permanent.

The Artifact in the Fifth Age

During the course of the Fifth Age, seemed to revert back to normal function, protecting itself and trapping the unfortunate slicers, while granting them immortality as ever.