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The Knife...

The Knife is an inter-verse wormhole creator, to put it simply. It cuts open holes in the space-time continuum, allowing us to visit other other worlds. However, the Knife can, as Asymptonic puts it, "The hell we live in now."

At the bottom of the knife is a control panel, containing various controls and blocks of wool. A wool block which is elevated signifies the number '1' and one which is not elevated signifies the number '0'. When using this key to look at the series of wool blocks, we can input a binary code, eg. 10011011 to input coordinates for the knife. After this, Asymptonic utters a strange spell, pulls a level at the top of the knife, and, assuming the batteries are charged (which is quite the task in itself), a supermassive lightning storm will occur over the knife, then creating a small blue portal at the bottom of the knife, if the coordinates are valid. Jumping into this portal causes the players who entered it to spawn in another slice of the multiverse.