The Siege of The Reach was one of the larger battles in Lokan history, quite possible the largest outside of the War of the Third Age and the Argus-Gallente-Osiris war. The battle was fought between Alliance forces, led by Zor, and the The Reach, led by their king, Dman.

Prior to the battle, the Reach and the Alliance had been allies following the Reach's betrayal of Central City during the War of the Third Age. One night, alliance member Gudbrandr arrived at the Reach seeking audience, and was allowed entrance to the city. During the course of the audience, however, Gudbrandr was falsely informed by an unknown individual that the Reach was conspiring with the Alliance's enemies, and subsequently he attempted to sabotage the Reach's defenses and assassinate the king and his generals.

This attempt to cripple the Reach failed, and Gudbrandr was imprisoned in a holding cell in the deepest, darkest dungeons beneath the fortress. Before being captured he managed to ignite a signal flare, which was spotted by nearby Alliance scouts and reported to Pallet High Command, where Zor and his apprentice, Nouvellune, immediately began preparations for a siege.

Within the hour they arrived with their full strength behind them; all the might of Ember and Pallet brought to bear against the stone defenses of the Reachmen. All night they battered the gates of the Reach with their battering ram, pummelled the walls with stones from their trebuchets, and peppered the battlements with volley after volley of arrows. And the Reach matched them arrow for arrow and stood fast against their onslaught, all through the long night.

As the sun rose, the besiegers sent out riders, led by Nouvellune, to negotiate with the Reachmen at the gates. After much discussion and debate, the two sides reached an agreement to ransom Gudbrandr back to the Alliance for a hefty sum of flawless diamonds, taken directly from the Alliance coffers which had swelled after the pillaging of Capital City. The Alliance agreed to the terms bitterly, and the occasion marked one of their greatest military defeats to date.