The first traces of a war between Haven City and Cathedral City began when Newdood succeeded in assassinating Mopb3. Soon after this happened, Newdood declared war on Cathedral City. Thelineguy responded to this by raiding Haven City, with the help of Cookielvlonsta. Haven in turn responded to this raid, by infrequently raiding Cathedral City for loot, albiet loot of little value. Epicbacon99 and Toiongo then proceeded to raid Haven City, this time dealing a sizable amount of damage. After this, Newdood and Mopb3, the leaders of both cities met an agreement of peace, albeit for a small period of time.

Soon after, Newdood decided to break the agreement by raiding Cathedral City again. In a surprise move, Nouvellune joined the side of the Havenians and conducted a massive heist of Cathedral, raiding most every resevoir and leaving the city impoverished. Ironically, Nouvellune fell into lava afterward, burning the valuables.

A diplomatic summit between a representative Knight of Cathedral City, Artagan, and representatives from Pallet City and Haven City (Sappy the Sapling and Newdood) was sanctioned by a Lord of Cathedral City, adderman500. Artagan had only been authorized to follow the terms of surrender given to him by mopb3, and not to make any concessions. Infuriated by Artagan's unwillingness to surrender to Haven City, Newdood broke the tenets of the summit, drew his sword, and cut Artagan down without warning. Sappy was alarmed by this, and expressed profound disapproval of Newdood's actions. Each side set their terms of surrender for the others; Pallet would cease hostilities in exchange for 1,000 emeralds, Haven for 1,500, and Cathedral for 500. The conflict, much like the larger War of the Third Age, died down after both sides stopped caring, but officially ended after Newdood left Haven City to adderman500, thus having it come under Cathedral control in the end.