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High King Magpieman on the battle-level of the Coloseum

The Tournament of Hyrule was an arena-based PvP event held in the town of the same name, owned by its High King, Magpieman. Thus far the tournament has had two distinct fighting configurations, the first, a bracketed 1v1 battle, and the second is a small-bracket four player FFA with the last man standing in each fight moving up to the next round.

To date there has only been one tournament held, the results of which are below:

1v1 Bracket - Winner: Cryptite

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Cryptite  1st
   Psychedelic98  2nd
   thelineguy     Third place
 thelineguy    Mtndome  
   Thieflord304      thelineguy  3rd
Loka The Tournament of Hyrule08:32

Loka The Tournament of Hyrule

Selection of some fights from the first Tournament of Hyrule

4-Player FFA - Winner: Defgnww

Winners in bold

Skitch_the_Wolf vs Mtndome vs MOpyc vs thelineguy

Thieflord304 vs Lucifer09 vs 13scooter13 vs memrme

mopb3 vs Newdood vs computern vs JocelynReed

Psychedelic98 vs Nouvellune vs Defgnww

===Final: thelineguy vs Lucifer09 vs mopb3 vs Defgnww===

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