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The Knife

The Trainee Test was introduced to the server on 20/7/12. Constructed by asymptonic, Cryptite, mopb3, adderman500 and Magpieman it is a short test of the rules, the price of failure being death in some cases. The trainees then reach the end of the course, arriving at The Knife, a teleportation device which currently teleports the user to spawn, presenting them with the Wanderer rank.

The area is in huge caverns, and appears very ancient with much of the area in ruins. However there is also an element of advanced technology, with entire structures made from iron. The main source of light is redstone lamps.

The course, blanketed in radiation in the mysterious sublevels of the research station on the moon Badr surely hides many secrets...

Be careful where you step, for it may be your last...

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