On Wednesday 12th of September 2012, an amazing discovery was made in the server, proving that effectively, Cryptite's book at the hidden sanctuary in spawn was, in fact, correct.

In the book, reports of life springing up in the desert, like random oasis and vegatation growing in such a dry environment, were coming to knowledge of the server. This was most likely due to the fight between Asymptonic , Freyjia, Cryptite fought Preksak , and defeated him at least for the meantime.

As andrekeroxd was travelling near -5k -5k coords, he found a small island made mainly of sand. On this island was a small yellow flower. One might not think highly of this, but it was growing on sand. After relogging several times, he summoned someone with a higher knowledge. A guardian by the name of thelineguy appeared and with andrekeroxd they observed the mystical flower, who in fact, assured andrekeroxd, that this was not a mirage, but something
2012-10-21 02.57.48

The flower defying gravity


Such a flower of hope was taken by andrekeroxd, to bring along on his travels and bring it's influence to deserts wherever he may go. Hopefully, after analisis of the flower, we may eventually learn of it's powers and bring new life to the blood-soaked grounds all around Loka.

After certain experiments, the flower was proven to be able to defy gravity,

when it was put upon a lava pool.

Currently, the flower has been planted in an island where strange things happened, aggresive mobs dissapeared completely and the ground begun to turn into a shade of purpl
2012-09-12 15.01.18

The flower when it was first found

e, sources of food such as mushrooms began to spread and mooshrooms began to spawn. Thick, fluffy clouds, not unlike wool began to crowd over the island and strange buildings were generated. Only with time we will know of the true powers of this flower.