When the Blight suceeded in destroying the world of Loka, a race began to escape the madness and get to a safer location. Not knowing where they were headed, they used Spawn Tower to quickly esacpe.

The Reset Event

The Reset Event occured on (insert date here). Just before the Blight was about to overcome Loka, Asymptonic (insert content here) and the Spawn Tower (insert content here). The Citizens of Loka were challenged four times,
2013-07-14 13.33.50

The first trial is completed.

as they entered the four floating structures surrounding Spawn Tower and teleported to strange (virtual?) worlds, where they had to uncover and activate a Beacon. Soon after these quests had been completed, the Spawn Tower started to shake, and lightning struck the Artifact thrice.

The Citizens of Loka were then sent on a terrifying journey. They were teleported to a strange battlefield where the Vanir fought the Army of the Unbound Ones. (Mop got killed by Freyjia :P); They were teleported to a strange laboratory where thousands of Preksak clones slept; they were even teleported into the Void beyond universes itself. When they all thought that somehow the Spawn Tower had malfunctioned, they were sent into a deep sleep. They dreamt of stars and planets, far away.

When the Lokans eventually woke, they found themselves in the Spawn Tower, now firmly planted in the centre of Spawn Isle.

The New World

The new world (unnamed as of now) consists of a plains island where the Spawn Tower is located and many other continents offshore; one is connected by a bridge. Several towns have been founded on these faraway continents. It is now known that higher beings may find this world (Freyjia visited on Friday 13th to announce the events of Lokasenna) but the long-dreaded Return of Preksak is still plausible. There is a high chance that others may have inhabited this world, as some strange kind of desert temple has been found close to spawn isle.
2013-10-06 11.30.32

A view of spawn from a nearby hill.