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Several players with titles gather by the Town Portal.Seen here: Storyteller, Supporter, Champion, the Last, and Librarian

Through various feats, usually uncommon, Titles can be earned by players which are then able to be toggled using /title

Regular Titles

Some titles are considered Lore Titles and are only handed out officially as part of canon, server Lore. These cannot be earned.

The following is a list of all titles:

  • Angler: Win a Fishing Tournament to recive this Title.
  • Master Angler: Catch the Largest Fish on Loka. Only one player may own this title at a time.
  • Explorer: Reach an unreachable area, usually as a result of an accidental server bug or fault.
  • Warden (Lore Title): Currently possessed by MasterAegon as the official Warden of the World.
  • Librarian: Officially hired as part of the Library Staff
  • Architect: Members of the Loka Build Team who have contributed to major builds of the server.
  • Storyteller: Given to players who support the server by buying a pack of 65 Lore Scrolls on the Server Store.

PvP Titles

These titles are earned by participating in Loka PvP, be it in Arenas or Player-Hosted tournaments.

  • Champion: Win any PvP Tournament. These tournaments are usually held by towns of their own volition. If the tournament is sizable enough, the winner will earn this title.
  • (I - IV) Gladiator: Be the #1 ranked player in a PvP Season. The Roman Numeral indicates the season that player was #1 in.
  • Gladiator: Be in the top 5% of players in a PvP Season.
  • Duelist: Be in the top 10% of players in a PvP Season.
  • Rival: Be in the top 15% of players in a PvP Season.
  • General: First place in Valley of the Artifact.
  • the Last: Last place in the first Season of Loka PvP.

Donator Titles and Symbols

Donator Titles/Symbols are earned through purchasing from Loka's Store in any way.

Donator Symbols

These symbols are earned via cumulative store purchases/donations. Unlike Regular titles, Donator Titles cannot be toggled on/off and are always shown

The breakdown of how the symbols and colors are decided is as follows:

  • If you are a Subscriber, All symbols below are wrapped with « »
  • If you are a not a subscriber, cumulative donation totals below $50 don't show anything.
  • If you are a subscriber and have donated less than $50, you earn: «✶»
  • Otherwise, after $50, the following symbols are earned:
    • At $50 or more:
    • At $100 or more:
    • At $200 or more:
    • At $500 or more:

Donator Titles

  • Supporter: A title given to players who have subscribed to Loka.
  • Storyteller: Given to players who support the server by buying a pack of 65 Lore Scrolls on the Server Store.

Capital Owner Symbol

Finally, if you are one of the proud 3 players who are the actual town owner of a Capital of Loka (not including subowners), you will receive a symbol both in public-chat as well as in the tab list. If you have a donator symbol, it will be replaced by the symbol:

Youtuber Symbol and Youtuber Recruiter Title

  • [➤] : A Youtuber title, given to Youtuber that records for loka and fits the requirements:
    • At least 1,000 subscribers.
    • On average at least over about 500 views per video.
    • Preferably somebody whose video content is at least somewhat relevant to Loka in some way.
  • Herald: Have recruited a Youtuber for Loka.

Miscellaneous Symbols

  • ☗ - Temporary Builder - This symbol will display in the title of any player that is classed as a Temporary Builder in your town.

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