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View of Tolbert and Guardian hotel.

The Mountain City of Tolbert

Founded on September 8th, 2012 by arsenalgunners86 and blessjung14, Tolbert is named after a city in Holland. It is currently divided into three districts, Tolbert Village, Meso-Tolbert, and Mountaintop/Tolbert Capital.

Tolbert Village

Tolbert Village is located at the base of Tolbert Mountain, and is where new members receive their first plot of land to build on. Currently there are 12 plots to build on. Guardian hotel overlooks the village, with four rooms for guests to stay in. A market is closer to the base of the mountain, where members can find food and basic resources.


Meso-Tolbert is currently the least developed district of Tolbert. Members may build here once promoted from Tolbert Village. It is located on the middle level of the mountain thus the name "meso" Tolbert. Currently, there is a sheep and chicken farm in Meso-Tolbert.

Mountaintop/Tolbert Capital

The capital district of the city of Tolbert is located at the very top of the mountain. Only the highest and most trusted members may build and live here, but all are welcome to visit. Nearly every lookout point on the walls offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and plains, as well as excellent sniping point.

Tolbert Heartland

Initially a project started by arsenalgunners86 to completely hollow out Tolbert Mountain, Tolbert Heartland has now become a completely self-sufficient living area, with three separate "caverns." Tolbert Heartland, where arsenalgunners86 resides, blessjung14's lives just underneath.

The White House

Tolbert Chairman Newdood is currently working on a version of the United State's presidential mansion.