Loka grants you the ability to, as your town levels up, create up to 5 different levels of Zones throughout your town. Zones allow specific permissions to different parts of your town based on member levels. Recruiting that new guy that just joined the server? Give him access only to Level 1 Zones around your town until he proves his worth.

Zones are just one of the many granular controls you have over your town. You shouldn't be punished for recruiting players, you should have the safety protocols in place to let your town grow and be as secure or as open as you want!

Commands and Use

/g zone or /g z commands and their usage:

  • /g z create: Create a town zone.
  • /g z redefine: Change the level of an existing town.
  • /g z title: Set the title displayed when town members end the zone.
  • /g z chatzone: Flag the zone as a chat zone, good for RP!
  • /g z addowner/remowner: Add/Remove a player as the owner of a zone.
  • /g z default: For unzoned parts of town, this allows members of the specified level and above to build.
  • /g z list: List zones for your town.
  • /g z delete: Delete a town zone.

If you are looking for more detail in how to use a command, just type a command above in full.

Golden Axe

The use of a golden axe will create a fast way to select your zone area. Using your left mouse will give you your first position coordinate and using your right mouse will give you your second position coordinate. Once you have selected your two positions, you can type: /g z create [name of zone] [member level] and the two positions will create that zone area.

Multiple Zones

Three ways to see the zones created are the use of a feather, typing /g zone list or /here.

What takes priority?

When you start having multiple zones inside your town, it can be hard to tell what zone takes priority over another. When you have no zones created, your default town level will be the level in charge. When you create zone over your default town level, that zone will then take priority, even if your default town level is higher than the zone your created. Ex. If your default town level is 4 and you create a zone that is level 1, the level 1 zone will take priority. When you create more zones inside of already existing zones, the highest level zone will take priority.

Claimable Zones

There are also claimable zones that you can set up inside your town! These claimable zones are used for creating a fast way to make plots inside your town for new players to build a house on.

Creating a Claimable Zone

Claim zone

To create a claimable zone, first you need to create a zone you wish to be claimable. Once you have created your zone, place a stone brick block within the zone boarders and shift click (crouch) a sign onto the stone brick block. There will be a chat prompt, when done correctly, that says, "Would you like to set this zone claimable?" and underneath said prompt will say, [name of zone]. Hovering over the [name of zone] will say, "Click to make this zone claimable" When you click on the [name of zone] the prompt in chat will say "Zone: [Name of zone] in now claimable by breaking this sign"

How To Use a Claimable Zone

You can claim a zone simply by breaking the sign on the stone brick block. The chat prompt will say, "you are now the owner of this zone". NOTE: When you have a player that is trying to claim a zone and become the owner of the zone, the player must be the level of the zone or lower to be able to claim the zone. When the player is above the level of a zone and breaks the sign, there will be a chat prompt that says, "Zone no longer claimable" which means the zone is no longer claimable. If you wish to make it claimable again, you will need to shift click the sign back onto the stone brick block.

Industry Zones

Industry zones are slightly different than regular zones that you use with the command /g zone. These zones are set with the industry when created and they are deleted when the industry is deleted. Industry zones can't be redefine or deleted while an industry stands, but you can change the level of the zone inside your industry. To do this, you must use the command /g industry level. Changing the zone level inside of an industry defines who can build and edit inside the zone.

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