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Village ruins over half a year after its destruction.

Unnamed Village - was the first recorded settlement built in The Artifact world. Its coordinates were -188x, 66y, 1013z. It's time was the Beginning Era.


It was created by a group of people, consisting of Mopb3, Toiongo, Spunkiethefirst, Actoolers and CherubAgent. Construction began with an idea of a town when people could live in peace, being protected from mobs and able to build/mine/hunt away from dangerous players.

The city was built on a large gravel pit in a forest, as it provided flat ground, and an interesting feature to look at.

At first the main district was created, surrouned by a wall to protect everyone from mobs. Then construction of houses inside the wall began and, after it was finished, the public mines along with mine district were created.

For a lot of players who would like to join town's construction, villagers created a compound outside of the wall.
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The compound at night.

And this is the point when raiders including the infamous Unkn0wngh0st found out about the village. A group of hostile players made an underground path, which gone directly beneath the compound. They used this way to get in town at night to kill and rob people. Due to their activity soon enough village completly destroyed. The remains of its players will later get known as creators of Gaia's Lament and Church Town.


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Inside of the public mines.

There were not many structures built, due to short village's short lifespan, most noteble were:

  • Main district's tower.
  • Public mines.
  • Underground farm.
  • Overground farm.

The tower was 63 blocks high. Public mines had a big tunnel system with a monster trap and a water ladder.