A drawing Yggdrasil was based upon

A City was Born..

After the completion of the Lava Tower, Mtndome began work on a second tower. Between four towers would a new city, Eris, be born. Sadly, the Lava tower was griefed and Mtndome's efforts dismanteled. However, hidden in the despair... a single Oak wood sapling lay in a corner of a forgotten chest. Mtndome took the sapling and guarded it with his life. Mtndome fled into the wilderness. He came upon a forest, far enough away from others that he decided to build. First, he built a small hovel with a tiny melon farm beside it. He stayed there many nights, alone with his sapling. Then, he began a mighty excavation project, one large enough to house The World Tree, Yggdrasil. Deep underground, Mtndome hid the sacred sapling. From the sapling, Wood, Leaves, Apples, and other Saplings came. Every block that would make up The World Tree came from this one holy sapling. With the help of Newdood, Yggdrasil's generator was born. Later, 13scooter13 happened upon Mtndome via the World Rail, that ran straight through Yggdrasil's grounds! After a rocky start, Hidden Caverns became Yggdrasil's greatest Ally. However, after two weeks of tireless digging, Mtndome was raided. Almost everything was stolen. Mtndom despaired, and Yggdrasil was almost lost. Then, while sitting in the hidden Sapling room, Mtndome decided to build. He took the leaves, wood, and saplings from the First Sapling. He climbed into the air and began to construct Yggdrasil. (To be continued.....)


Inside Yggdrasil will be three layers. The lowest layer will be the farms and Bazaar. The second layer will be the garden. The third layer will be the mighty Tree Temple. The city of Yggdrasil itself will be inside the canopy of the tree.

Yggdrasil is still under construction.

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Sad Dog Memorial


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